South Bohemian Creative Retreats

Milkwood apartment



Accommodations & Rates

Guests stay in the same accommodations as artist residents when there are no residents scheduled. The Milkwood apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, and guests are welcome to relax on Milkwood's terrace overlooking the Vltava River.

Milkwood provides linens and complete kitchen facilities but does not prepare meals or provide daily cleaning services. Guests are expected to maintain their rooms during their stay and are welcome to use the house laundry facilities. Guests also have full access to computer and Internet services.

Guests seeking accommodations are asked to complete a brief Guest Accommodation form that indicates dates of requested stay and contact information. Most accommodation requests are answered within a day or two. Other questions may be emailed to

Off-season rate (November 1-April 30): 55 (Euros) /night.
Season rate (May 1-October 31): 95 (Euros) /night.